We are open year-round to those interested in volunteering their time. The most essential component of truly helping our community grow is a strong base of neighbors and engaged citizens.

Consider serving as an consultant, designing an internship, or helping with various activities on a weekly or monthly basis. Prime CDC projects can range from helping to plan community projects, youth programs, neighborhood revitalization efforts - to office assistance, filing, tabling at conferences and meetings, or other various ways in serving our communities. You can choose how long you are available, your project, and what interests you. We are happy to explore working with you.


If you are interested in becoming a Board Member with Prime Community Development Corporation, partnering with us on specific projects, internships, or employment,  please complete the Contact Form or feel free to call our office at 888 578 1180.

We appreciate your contribution, which fuels our quality programming. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit organization. Our work would not be possible without the financial contributions of those in our community.


Georgetown County Chamber of Commerce, 2013

National Financial Educators Council, 2016

South Carolina Association for Non-Profit Organizations, 2014

​South Carolina Association for Community Economic Development, 2016